Total Loss Coverage: How to act if my car was stolen?

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According to the insurers’ data, more than 8 thousand vehicle accidents are reported monthly, including traffic crashes, broken windows and car thefts, to which the insurers take part and provide users with the necessary advice to know how Act and solve the problem.

Theft remains one of the most reported incidents

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But insurers cannot always do something about it. Why does this happen? Basically, because not all people choose to acquire coverage that includes theft of the car or its parts.

If this type of protection is included in your policy, you can turn to your insurer without any inconvenience and an advisor will guide and even accompany you so you can make the corresponding complaint and provide all the information for the investigation to begin. Here, for example, it is necessary to communicate whether your car has GPS or not, so that it will serve in the search.

In case the investigation is not fruitful and your vehicle is not recovered

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Your insurer will take care of sending you the compensation agreed according to the commercial value of the car, so that you can obtain a vehicle of similar characteristics to the one you lost. Unlike what many believe, this process does not take months, on the contrary, it is carried out within the established deadlines, so as not to harm the client.

In addition, many insurers offer replacement cars for a certain number, so that the client is not affected during the investigation and can continue with his routine normally. Additional benefits like this are specified in the contracts, even mentioning how many days the benefit will be provided for free.

Facing the theft of a vehicle without counting on any advice or alternative solution is very heavy, especially in a country where robberies occur daily. If you are evaluating what type of protection you will give your vehicle, consider including Total Loss coverage, and your insurer will be with you to deal with these types of accidents.