Accessories you should have in your car

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There are more and more accessories that you can have in your vehicle. These gadgets not only modernize your car but also significantly improve the driving experience, allowing you to do a thousand things in one place.

Cell phone charger:

Cell phone charger:

If you left home worried about having a low battery, you can use the driving time to charge the phone. The charger is connected to the lighter plug or electrical outlet available and at the other end it is connected to the input of your cell phone.

Bases for placing smartphones: If you want to talk and you don’t have headphones, you put it on speaker and go. It allows you to see the screen and operate it while paying attention to the helm.

Universal control of cars at the helm: This control allows you to perform all functions without removing your hands from the helm. Control the radio, volume, air conditioning, among others. Organizers:  They are placed behind the passenger seat and serve to store everything you need to have on hand and that does not enter the glove compartment.

Car vacuum:

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It does not necessarily modernize it but it will allow you to have a clean and presentable car. If there is something that makes it dirty, it doesn’t matter if you only take a few minutes, check each door well and the vacuum is portable and works offline. Under this modality you can also access the Good Payer’s Bonus if the requirements are met. What is striking is that you do not need an initial fee, which is what overwhelms many.

There are others such as air purifiers inside the car, GPS, etc. It will all depend on how much money you have. But if what you don’t have is the car, compare all the vehicle credits here and decide for the one that goes most to you.